Avanti Europe as pioneer

Avanti Europe is appointed pioneer by hystrix medical

  • 8. May 2018

Avanti Europe proudly and boldly announces to be appointed Pioneer for hystrix medical. To pioneer for hystrix medical allows Avanti Europe to participate in a novel platform and supporting hystrix medical during the start and evaluation phase.

What is hystrix medical?

Being the merging node between suppliers and buyers of medical products, implants and related services, hystrix medical acts as online marketplace and consequently offers yet unmatched benefits for both sides.

For Producers, Distributors and Suppliers, a sales channel is added to get full market exposure, shorten time-to-market, add a B2B marketing channel, simplify the displaying of your product-, service- and education-bundle offers and maximise your customer centricity by adding an integrated EDI service.

For hospitals and medical practices, a sourcing channel is added to get full market overview and transparency, source products of highest quality, shorten time-to-offer, get easy-to-understand offers, get the economically optimal supplier constellation for your shopping cart, pay market prices and add EDI services speeding up your sourcing processes while maximising your procurement experience.

How is Avanti Europe supporting?

Avanti Europe supports as a pioneer hystrix medical during the initial launch phase of the online marketplace as well as participates in the evaluation phase. Here, Avanti Europe can offer a continuous exchange with hystrix medical to implement new customer-oriented service ideas, feedbacks and relevant functions. As a pioneer, Avanti Europe is allowed to offer its services via hystrix medical to directly bind into the supply channel of healthcare companies. With this novel approach to the supply chain, hystrix medical with its innovative online marketplace tailored to the healthcare industry allows suppliers and customers to meet online without the hassle of ERP-system compatibility issues.

What are the benefits of hystrix medical?

hystrix medical´s online marketplace offers unprecented fast time-to-offer paired with smart contracting. Making use of analytics allows a supplier to offer real-time opportunities only one mouse click away and clear stock with smart biddings and offers. The buyer at the other hand reduces the hassle to find the optimal supplier and monitor costs. The integrated, optional bidding process enables suppliers to position themselves as a global supplier by means of global discounts as a partner of choice. Customers can then instantly evaluate the costs for their purchase items across different departments / product groups in a shopping cart and thus generate the maximum benefit.

We from Avanti Europe welcome hystrix medical to the healthcare sector and wish the team all the best during the start and the commercial phase.