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Ancoma as partner in the network

Ancoma is an innovation and consultancy network in the area of technological business infrastructures (ICT). The team at Ancoma pursues new, innovative and holistic approaches in the development of integrated solutions. The range of services include the analysis and development of strategies, concept design, implementation and execution of strategy and continuous improvement.

Helping their clients in their successful implementation of a strategic advantage makes Ancoma a valuable partner. With an experienced network of experts, Ancoma can deliver the right solutions during the right time. Making their clients’ ambitious objectives happen with Ancoma’s focus on uniqueness, feasibility, competitiveness and end-user acceptance, allows for a first time right implementation.

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Diederichs network

Development of new therapeutic entities can be a complex process requiring a sound strategy and a detailed project plan. These are essential for progression of a compound through the different phases of preclinical and clinical testing in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Drug development begins with the synthesis of a molecule and the formulation of the drug product, making CMC a critical element to any drug development program.

Use my experience in pharmaceutical drug development and related regulatory affair issues to facilitate a fast and high quality development process. I am offering effective strategic and operational consultancy considering your project as a whole, not as a step by step process. With an unbiased view for inherent project risks I help you to develop solutions.

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Ergonomics Factory as a network partner to Avanti Europe

Ergonomics factory is the Swiss expert service provider specialized in the global provision of dedicated healthcare usability engineering, training and regulatory support services.

​The team at Ergonomics Factory is driven by the unique opportunity to improve lives through their work and is constantly striving for excellence to meet their key objective: providing patients and healthcare providers with safe, effective and user-friendly solutions.

Drawing from their specialized expertise in the healthcare industry, regulatory know-how and unique skillset in the analysis, design, evaluation and training, the Ergonomics Factory team provides their clients with outstanding service quality and dedication to exceed their expectations.

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Flow Numerics as a network partner of Avanti Europe

Flow Numerics offers engineering services as well as the distribution of calculation software for the following industrial segments:

  • pharmaceuticals
  • chemistry
  • health care
  • architectural design
  • facade systems
  • pumps and pipes
  • marine
  • aeronautics and space
  • airplane and automobile construction
  • HVAC systems
  • fire protection

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Gravity global as a network partner of Avanti Europe

GRAVITY global AG has developed a revolutionary real-time learning tool for employees to bridge the disconnect between work and learning. The product named GRAVITY comes with a set of features to motivate and support the learner during onboarding and work.
Thanks to GRAVITY, a company can save 90% of its learning expenses.

Take the step forward and let you pull in to a new learning experience by GRAVITY, the on-screen learning platform with advanced engagement features.

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pmc-support as a network partner of Avanti Europe

Solving a problem quickly, competently and cost-effectively is not easy.

Do you have questions about GXP, FDA, EMA, Medical Devices, ISO, REACh, Microbiology, etc. that you can not answer because you lack the experience and knowledge? Are you instructed to answer these questions within a reasonable time? But do you want to keep costs down?

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PTS provides for more than 25 years knowledge of exceptional quality. PTS participants rely on the seminars, in-house trainings, webinars and conferences in Germany and Switzerland. The mixture of excellent training quality, current and innovative topics around GMP, GDP, QM and many more as well as an active networks and the personal atmosphere has led to a large number of regular customers. This is not only the greatest praise, but also an incentive to constantly develop and provide our participants with a constantly high level of quality training.

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hystrix medical as a network partner to Avanti Europe

Being the merging node between suppliers and buyers of medical products, implants and related services, hystrix medical acts as online marketplace and consequently offers yet unmatched benefits for both sides:

  • Manufacturers / Distributors / Suppliers
  • Hospitals / Medical Practices

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