Design and Development

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To successfully place products and services on the market, Design and Development expertise is one of the key skills needed. A successful design follows system design principles starting from user needs over design inputs to design outputs, successful testing and verification of the design to validation and maintaining the design on the market. Avanti Europe’s consultants are experts in the field of Design and Development and guide from idea to market in a technique-savvy way. Having profound theoretical and practical experience in many different technology projects, the Design and Development consultants of Avanti Europe are able to spot fast the ideal and most effective designs for your needs.

Together with the risk manager and the human factors engineer, the Design and Development consultant operates in an interdisciplinary field to select and design the most safe and effective product for the intended use. Avanti Europe’s Design and Development Experts are usually occupied with medical devices, in-vitro diagnostics and combination products but can certainly support product and service design in other regimens in which Design and Development is needed.

Expertise and Experience in Design and Development:

  • Injectable drug delivery devices for intra-venous, subcutaneous and intra-dermal applications
  • Channeling devices for blood, blood products and body liquid
  • Mechatronic drug delivery devices (path injectors and pumps) for pulsed and sustained released in acute, chronic and dose-finding applications
  • Inhalers for gases, liquids and powders
  • Coated implants and implantable material doped with drugs
  • Software and advanced user interfaces for home and emergency use
  • Design and Development practices, e.g. design evaluations with morphological boxes
  • Tolerance analysis and design optimizations
  • CFD and FEM-analysis

We have supported:

  • New product developments of various technologies
  • Fast prototyping and custom made devices
  • Design Transfers and technical transfers to other manufacturing sites
  • Technical due diligence of novel medical devices, in-vitro diagnostics and combination products/drug delivery devices
  • Landscaping of available technologies and intellectual property (IP)
  • Remediation of existing but troubled designs

Why Avanti Europe is the right address:

For Design and Development, Avanti Europe is the right address as we hold the following critical certification and skill sets:

  • Certified in Product and Service Design
  • Certified Engineers
  • Pragmatic and goal oriented
  • Technical standards savvy and members of technical committees
  • Interdisciplinary network of experts bespoke to the design and development request

Contact us to explore our skill-set and discuss your projects or ad-interim staffing needs.