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Whether you are a startup, would like to enter the life science market or need an expert for a due diligence, Avanti Europe’s experts are here to help.

With our wide network of experts, manufacturers, suppliers and supportive industries, entering the life science market comes with ease. We can support you with knowledge, experience and best-practices to understand needs and complexity of the market. Especially for startups, we can support with expert knowledge and hands-on work in a pragmatic way to go fast to the market with the novel product. Navigating regulations and standards comes as an extra as we are at the pulse of these and participating in various committees and organizations.

As the life science language is our mother tongue, we can guide and train you on the vocabulary used to excel in the market. Thus, entering this market was never that easy relying on the professional support of Avanti Europe’s team of experts. We support with training, guidance and hands-on experience the venture to enter this interesting market.

Acquiring a product, technology or an entire company needs experts to support the due diligence process. Our team of experts supports your M&A team with the technical, regulatory, clinical and quality aspects of life science products and services during the due diligence process. With our vast experience in different technologies, we can allow for a fast and pragmatic, but detailed assessment of potential take-overs and acquisitions.

Expertise and Experience in Due Diligence:

  • Technical, regulatory, clinical and quality expertise for conducting due diligence
  • Experts in USA, EU and other regulations, standards and guidelines
  • Business acumen for understanding the context of a due diligence
  • Diligent and empathic team members for critical assessments

We have supported:

  • Phytopharmaceutical startup and implementation of GACP/GMP
  • Medical device startups and implementation of ISO 13485
  • Pharmaceutical startups and implementation of GMP
  • Market assessment for novel APIs and drug delivery products
  • Market assessment and support in market entry for automated manufacturing
  • Due Diligence in technical, regulatory, clinical and quality aspects for medical devices and combination products
  • Landscaping of technologies and IP for drug delivery device acquisitions

Why Avanti Europe is the right address:

For Due Diligence, Avanti Europe is the right address as we hold the following critical certification and skill sets:

  • Certified Business Strategists
  • Certified technical and life science experts
  • Certified Project Managers
  • Experienced change agents
  • Experienced due diligence team members

Contact us to explore our skill-set and discuss your due diligence or market entry needs.