Innovation Management


Innovation Management is the cornerstone for the transformation of brilliant ideas into successful products. The experts of Avanti Europe support in the identification of innovative ideas and transforming these into prosperous and innovative products. With our decade-long experience in innovation, our experts support in initiatives for incremental and real innovation. Whereas incremental innovation is an iteration of an existing product to meet new or additional user needs, real innovation are quantum leaps for companies. Introducing new products is the sweet spot for innovation but certainly comes with greater risk for success. A fair mix of iterative and real innovation, paired with a solid risk management paths the way to success. Such paths are usually planned in innovation road maps.

Avanti Europe experts in Innovation Management balance risks, business criteria and knowhow to meet strategic objectives. Paired with strategical planning and support in securing intellectual property, Avanti Europe is your primary contact for a holistic Innovation Management. For every future-oriented company, innovative products and their management is crucial for sustainability and is of special concern in the industries Avanti Europe serves.

Expertise and Experience in Innovation Management:

  • Planning, implementing and maintaining innovation management procedures and processes
  • Establishing of digital innovation management processes for multi-site access
  • Creation of innovation road maps based on risk appetite and business goals
  • Controlling of innovation processes and procedures

We have supported:

  • Troubled products in need of an innovation boost
  • Companies with faltering sales in need of a fresh and new portfolio
  • Implementation of Innovation Management processes
  • Creation of innovation road maps
  • Audit of innovation processes and road maps

Why Avanti Europe is the right address:

For Innovation Management, Avanti Europe is the right address as we hold the following critical certification and skill sets:

  • Certified Project Managers
  • Certified Product and Service Designers
  • Network of Innovation Managers
  • Experienced patent and trademarking authors
  • Experienced Change Agents

Contact us to explore our skill-set and discuss your innovation initiative or ad-interim staffing needs.