Knowledge Management

Based on knowledge management principles, Avanti Europe offers an end-to-end approach to knowledge bespoke to the client’s needs and endeavor. Knowledge Management (KM), lived and provided by Avanti Europe’s consultants and experts, supports business objectives in a modular approach. Planning, Executing, Assessing and Controlling are the main steps in managing the knowledge with the aim to sustainable and innovative products.

Avanti Europe offers an unprecedented modular approach to foster knowledge in the company mitigating the risk of knowledge loss when employees transition internally, leave projects, depart from the company or are retired. The powerful approach to secure, maintain and sustain knowledge within the company can be applied further to transitioning best practice, experience and know-how to onboarding employees or from external resources to internal employees.

The modular, but holistic approach to Knowledge Management allows a company to secure learned content or to explore new areas of expertise with a real value gain sustained for future initiatives, products and employees.

Expertise and Experience in Knowledge Management:

  • Risk-based evaluation of critical-to-success knowledge
  • Integrate bespoke KM procedures into established business processes
  • Align KM with data strategy and learning habits of employees
  • Training for new technologies and areas of expertise in medical devices, in-vitro diagnostics and combination products
  • Knowledge transfer from employee to employee or groups
  • Planning, design and implementation of KM procedures and software solutions
  • Audit of KM procedures for effectiveness
  • Assessment of biased knowledge in databases and processes including clarification and de-biasing
  • System thinking and system dynamics assessments, development and implementation
  • Customer-specific training (in-house or as e-Learning)

We have supported:

  • Identification of novel indication and application use areas for medical devices
  • Design, implementation and maintenance of KM processes
  • Assessment of client-critical knowledge and strategy, plan and design to withhold knowledge
  • Assessment of client knowledge base for novel product design
  • Digitalization of KM with multi-site implementation

Why Avanti Europe is the right address:

For Knowledge Management, Avanti Europe is the right address as we hold the following critical certification and skill sets:

  • Certified Knowledge Managers
  • Certified Project Managers
  • Experienced Change Agents
  • Network of ICT and Digitalization Experts

Contact us to explore our skill-set and discuss your projects or ad-interim staffing needs to foster your knowledge.