Process Management

Processes should be integrated strategically and holistically into the quality management system (QMS or PQS) and robust and stringent controlled by appropriate process management practices. The performance indicators are central to the management of business processes and must be efficiently and smartly designed. Avanti Europe provides process performance management and strategy for all levels within the organization, in conjunction with risk management, knowledge management, quality assurance and regulatory affairs. Intelligent and sustainable decisions can be made through bespoke analyses and evaluations.

Expertise and experience in process management:

  • Develop and implement business performance procedures and processes
  • Seamless implementation of root-cause analysis, lean six sigma, KANBAN, KAIZEN and 5S
  • Strategic goal breakdown process implementation and effective metrics
  • Development and implementation of bespoke strategies and performance indicators aligned with customers´top level goals
  • Develop and implement decision making tools
  • Scenario analysis with system analysis and dynamic systems modelling (financial modelling, supply chain modelling, etc.)
  • Customer-specific training (in-house or as e-Learning)

We have supported:

  • GMP system implementation
  • GACP system implementation
  • QMS implementation
  • PMS process implementation for combination products
  • Recycling process for electromechanical devices
  • UDI implementation (EU and USA)
  • Manufacturing process optimization
  • Smart batch review process
  • Automated customer feedback assessment
  • Digitalization of manufacturing line (Industry 4.0)
  • GDPR implementation

Why Avanti Europe is the right address:

For process management, Avanti Europe is the right address as we hold the following critical skill sets:

  • Certified Six Sigma Green/Black Belt Experts
  • Certified Lean Managers
  • Certified Design Thinkers
  • Certified Project Managers

Contact us to explore our skill-set and discuss your projects or ad-interim staffing needs.