frequently asked questions

Avanti Europe's services

Avanti Europe provides 4 different types of contracting, i.e. consulting, contracting, ad-interim and tailored to your needs. Read here the specifics and when to use best each specific service.

Avanti Europe is a consulting and contracting company and does not primarily recrute employees for clients.

client engagement

Avanti Europe acts as an independent company contracting and consulting your company. Therefore, the right to authorized directives against the consultants lies with Avanti Europe. Any directions given, relevant for the order to be fulfilled, however, can be given by the client.

No issues about that. Just inform your key account about the upcoming change in order that the paperwork can be adjusted accordingly.

Payment and invoicing

Avanti Europe issues invoices only based on confirmed orders. Invoices are provided on a monthly basis unless agreed differently in the contract or work order.

Depending on the service ordered, the invoice is the amount agreed in the work order or contract. Please be aware that the invoiced amount can vary from period to period due to different reasons, such as vacation, holidays or similar.

The agreed total cost is a cap cost for a certain time, whichever is reached first. That means, that there are two caps, one is the budget and the other is the time. In the case that the budget is reached, we will inform the client beforehand in order to agree on a solution together.