our core experts

Fabio of Avanti

Fabio Cirillo

CEO, Project Management, RA, Auditor

Joachim of Avanti

Dr. Joachim Baumann

Head QA, QP, PRRC, Auditor

Silja of Avanti

Silja Cirillo

Assistant to CEO, Office Management

Yishai of Avanti

Yishai Nissan

Senior Phytopharmaceutical Engineer

Peter of Avanti

Peter Hasler

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Roger of Avanti

Roger Wicki

Senior Software Engineer

Benjamin Rutz

Marketing and Investment

David Moser

Senior Food Scientist

Martin of Avanti

Martin Reimann

CFD/CAD/FEA, Fluid Simulations

Ana Asensio

Interpreter / Translations Consultant

Andreas Gabathuler

Gaphic Design

Our large and excellent network of partner consultants (>50 experts) allows us, on a case by case basis, to staff your project with perfectly tailored and specialised knowledge to fulfill your needs.