Avanti Europe guides through ideation state

What we have accomplished


During Ideation assignments, we have been involved in various, interesting and challenging ventures. Some of which have progressed into R&D projects.

Avanti Europe supports start-ups, small-/middle-sized companies as well as large enterprise in the ideation process to evolve with novel, superior ideas and projects.

Due to confidentiality, only a few ideation projects are named below.

  • 2019

    • Content  Management platform for LifeScience company
    • Process and process equipment for novel medical device manufacturing
    • Novel phytopharmaceutical product
    • Novel food product


  • 2018

    • Manufacturing and BI Data scraping and analysis
    • NLP and data mining prototype
    • AI  prototype for product development
    • Technical Due Diligence for a novel drug delivery system
  • 2017

    • Connected drug delivery device concept
    • Recycling concept
    • Data-driven patient outcome concept
    • Technical Due Diligence
  • 2016

    • Supply chain concept
    • Technical Due Diligence
    • Conceptual regulatory strategy