References of industrialization support by Avanti Europe

What we have accomplished

Industrialization Support

During industrialization, we have been involved in various, interesting and challenging ventures.

Avanti Europe supports start-ups, small-/middle-sized companies as well as large enterprise in the industrialization process to evolve with novel, superior products and services.

Due to confidentiality, only a few industrialization projects are named below.

  • 2019

    • Drug-eluting implant
    • Sterile medical device
    • Drug delivery device
    • Phytopharmaceutical process
  • 2018

    • Pre-filled syringe
    • Sterile container
    • Assembly line
  • 2017

    • Auto-Injector
    • Manual Injector
    • Pre-filled syringe
    • Phytopharmaceutical
    • Automated phytopharmaceutical processing
  • 2016

    • Automated extraction of phytopharmaceuticals
    • Digitalization of a manufacturing process