We offer

Qualified person (QP)

Book now your Qualified Person  (QP) for Switzerland and be assured that an expert takes care of your products and reporting.

What we offer

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Your QP

on-demand - dedicated expert

The details

- Client owns budget
- Invoiced monthly at a fixed rate
- Working against task order
- On-site availability of expert
- Mid-term assignment

best used for:

As a service, Avanti Europe will provide a dedicated expert in the role as your QP or Responsible Person (RP). The QP can be booked as part-time resource in full compliance with Annex 16 of EU GMP.

Our experts in the role of your QP comply with the qualification demands from the Medicinal Product Directive (MPD) 2001/83/EC Article 49. The role of the QP will cover the aspects of:

  • Releasing batches
  • Controlling batch release
  • Certifying batches under EU regualtions
  • Control outsourced activities under EU GMP
  • Confirming compliance with specifications in cases of unexpected deviations

How it works

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011

The mechanics

tuning to your demand

The details

- Client defines processes
- Client defines products
- Client defines time frame and frequency of reporting
- Digital data exchange
- Back-traceable reporting

Required Information:

Our experts acting as QP under your pharmaceutical quality system (PQS) require access to documents and information in order to fulfill their tasks best. Digital access is here the best choice but thanks to our versatile approach, paper documents can be used as well.

An Avanti Europe expert acting as the QP needs access to at least the following documents:

  • Governing SOPs and policies
  • Product specific documents and process descriptions
  • Any changes to processes and products
  • Product documentation
  • Documents regarding the release of the products
  • Audit reports and external manufacturing list

The costs

The price tag

optimized cost structure

The cost details

- Depending on process landscape
- Depending on number of products
- Depending on number of outsourced manufacturing steps
- Depending on work-load
- Invoiced as a monthly fixed rate

Cost structure:

Costs are transparently fixed at the beginning of a term. A term can be individually set or prolonged with a minimum of 6 months in order to benefit from the tool set of a QP and its expertise.

Depending on the volume of documents and number of products, the QP can be booked starting at a very low work load percentage. Depending on demand, further development, expansion of the market or alike, the QP resource can be easily scaled to the demand.