Avanti Europe provides consulting and has experts or consultants in design and development

design & development

Our experts in design and development have a decade-long experience in user-centric design and technical solutions.

Our design and development engineers

All of our experts involved in design and development or related activities have at least the following skill-set:

Pragmatic approach to usability and technical challenges
Goal oriented
Interdisciplinary working habit
Tied to budget, time and other customer-demanded restrictions
Team oriented, friendly and outgoing
Avanti Europe’s experts hold one or more of the following certificates:

MSc in mechanical engineering
CAS or MSc in chemical engineering
Certificate in design and development
Certificate in user-centric design

Experts working with Avanti Europe have all a proven track record of significant and relevant academic and industry experience. On average, industry experience of more than 20 years per expert is available.

All experts undergo regular continuous education to keep the knowledge at the edge of the industry.

design and development engineers Have worked on



    • Content  Management platform for LifeScience company
    • Process and process equipment for novel medical device manufacturing
    • Novel phytopharmaceutical product
    • Novel food product
    • Connected drug delivery device concept
    • Data-driven patient outcome concept
    • Technical Due Diligence


  • Development


    • Novel Food product with supplementary character
    • Sterile medical device
    • Connected drug delivery system
    • Sterile dental implant
    • Inhalation device
    • Dental product


  • industrialization

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  • Launch

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  • Market Support

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design and development engineers are available for :