Avanti Europe provides consulting and has experts or consultants has experts in knowledge management

knowledge MANAGEMENT

Knowledge drain has become a major risk for companies. Avanti Europe supports with processes and tools to stop the drain and secure critical knowledge.

Our knowledge Manager

All of our experts involved in knowledge management or related activities have at least the following skill-set:

Solid understanding of knowledge processes
Experienced in learning models
Empathic personalities
Friendly and outgoing
Avanti Europe’s experts hold one or more of the following certificates:

Degree in Psychology
Degree in Linguistics
Certificate in Knowledge Management
Certificate in Interview Techniques and Study Design

Experts working with Avanti Europe have all a proven track record of significant and relevant academic and industry experience. On average, industry experience of more than 10 years per expert is available.

All experts undergo regular continuous education to keep the knowledge at the edge of the industry.

knowledge manager Have worked on:


    • Implementing knowledge management procedures
    • Deliver Trainings on knowledge management and changes in regulations, standards and guidelines
  • Development

    • Secure critical project knowlege
    • Manage project review meetings
  • Industrialization

    • Secure critical project knowlege
    • Manage project review meetings
    • Transfer knowhow from development into manufacturing
  • Launch

    • Secure critical product and process knowlege
    • Manage project review meetings
    • Secure intrinsic knowledge of leaving or transfering employees
  • market support

    • Secure critical product knowlege
    • Change management and knowledge transfer
    • Onboarding of new employees and external workforce

Knowledge manager can offer:

On-demand Service

Knowledge management at your demand. Based on your needs and interwoven with your existing processes and procedures, we deliver bespoke service.

Book on-demand and we deliver according to the work package and goals defined. This is best used for new products and services, not clearly defined requirements or goals and other projects at a very early stage.

Fixed-price contract

We can deliver the defined work package as a fixed-price contract.

Fixed-price contracts work best with clearly defined work orders, such as assessments, process strategies, structured reports, knowledge transfers or critical knowledge identification.

Knowledge Manager are available for: