Avanti Europe turns 5

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Avanti Europe AG turns 5 years and we are thankful for the continuous support and partnership of our clients and the efforts of our team. Read here the interview with our CEO, Fabio Cirillo on the successes and the learnings.

We are celebrating!

On May 1st 2016, Avanti Europe officially opened its doors and rolled out its services as a consulting and contracting boutique to the medical device and pharma companies. We take the 5 years of business as an occasion to celebrate and reflect.

What have been the 5 top successes for Avanti?

Fabio: Needless to say that I am very proud of the team, its spirit and the efforts put into each and every contract, the success stories over the past 5 years are certainly pathing our way and directing us to constantly become better in what and how we do business. I would say, that the 5 success stories to point out are:

  • We had the opportunity to start in Medtech and Pharma and to expand our services into other areas of LifeScience, such as Phytopharmacy, Cosmetics and Novel Food
  • Pushing constantly on fair business behaviour and excellent service to our clients, we won the TOP CONSULTING FIRM 2020 Award for Consulting companies in Europe. This shows us that we have become a major part of the LifeScience ecosystem.
  • We do believe in partnerships, cooperations and networks and have expanded our partnership network constantly, adding just a few weeks ago HEMEX as the latest partner.
  • But certainly all of this couldn’t be made reality without the constant efforts and excellent skills of our team. I am very pleased to work with such a good team and who knows, we might be able to expand further
  • … and last, I am very proud of having Avanti Europe and its team celebrating 5 years in business.

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“We have become a major part of the LifeScience ecosystem” – Fabio Cirillo, CEO

We are sure that there were hard times as well

Can you tell us about the 5 most important learnings you and your team made over the 5 past years?

Fabio: Ufff, that’s a tough one. Certainly, there were times during which we had, as a team, to focus on specific issues but we life up to taking the most out of each contract and this goes true for hard times as well. So, I guess, the 5 top learning we made in past are:

  • Get to know your client, its working environment and its processes before starting to discuss opportunities, changes or even expansions into new fields of expertise.
  • In combination with getting to know the client better, it is vital to receive all information on a project to fully support and being able to embrace the tasks
  • For clients entering a new field, skilled support, training and bringing the client up-to-speed with knowledge is essential for a successful project
  • The personal contact with the client, not only to build the team, but to fully get immersed into the project, is vital.
  • … and in the end, it is a people’s business where we connect to clients on a personal way.


How Avanti Europe can help

Avanti Europe’s Experts have a decade-long track record and expertise in consulting and hands-on working in the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetical, Food and Medical Device industry. Our experts support your company with hands-on workforce and support in risk-based process design, documentation, and training for the company staff. Visit our online shop for checklists and other services.