We understand: industrialization

“Design-for-Assembly and Design-for-Manufacturing is within our DNA”

What is it about ?

During industrialization, Avanti Europe experts support with  hands-on expertise in designing a risk-based and stable process to manufacture your product.

What we offer:

With Avanti Europe as your partner, we will take care of the industrialization step. Either as your project manager or as a member of your team, our consultants and contractors help find the best solutions to your manufacturing and process needs.

Based on the principles of risk-based approach as well as design for assembly or design for manufacturing, we can support as a hands-on workforce in:

Review product specification
Design manufacturing process
Author equipment requirements
Conduct process risk assessment
Conduct design transfer
Support equipment manufacturer in qualification

HOW we do it:






Within the concepts of Risk Management, Design for Manufacturing and Requirements Management, we support you in successfully taking the step from lab bench to manufacturing.

Based on the V-Model or analogous procedures, the requirements from the development are transferred into manufacturing and process design. We support you end-to-end from requirements to first article or batch manufactured off the equipment.

During the industrialization, exchange between the development and the engineering team will take place to transfer the design of the product into manufacturing. For this, the product specification becomes prominent.

Main steps during industrialization are to define the manufacturing process, assess the risks of the designed process, design the equipment and qualify the equipment. Qualification is usually done via a QbD approach, taking use of DoE and other analytical tools to define the process window.

During this step, installation qualification (IQ), operational qualification (OQ) and performance qualification (PQ) are carried out most of the times.

industrialization supported by Avanti Europe

why we are the right choice:

Avanti Europe not only has a proven track record of industrialization and its preliminary steps, its experts maintain also a large and personal network to operate in and to realize products and equipment fastly.