QMS for Distributors of medical devices

distributor qms provided by Avanti Europe

Economic operators or actors, as defined in the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) 2017/745 and In-Vitro Diagnostics medical device Regulation (IVDR) 2017/746  are not required to implement a Quality Management System (QMS) but have procedural requirements to fulfill. Read here what these are.

what is the requirement?

The MDR and IVDR do neither require the implementation of a QMS system nor its certification for distributors. However, article 14 of the MDR and IVDR is clear about the procedural requirements of such actors.

Within the 6 paragraphs of article 4 of both the MDR and IVDR, the regulator lays down the tasks and requirements relevant for distributors to assure, monitor and/or record. These requirements code for the implementation of procedures.

do we need a full-fledged QMS?

Short answer - No!

No doubt, a full-fledged QMS would be too much for a distributor under MDR and/or IVDR. This mainly, as a full QMS would cover the development, industrialization and manufacturing of the medical device. This, however, is not in the responsibility of a distributor. 

Covering the requirements is enough?

Just covering the procedural requirements is not enough and will not lead to the compliance of a distributor. How, for example, is training conducted or how are the required processes connected to each other? These questions, as examples, should be addressed as well when aiming for a QMS as a distributor.

Short answer - No!

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