Regulatory Monitoring explained

Regulatory Monitoring conducted by Avanti Europe as a service

Over the last weekend, 5 Standards have changed, 1 Guideline has been updated and 1 Regulation has come into force.

Well, even though these change-rate is on average, it shows how fast the state-of-the-art and regulations are evolving… and how hard it is to keep track of it.

The issue with the state of the art

State-of-the-art depicts the current knowledge of a specific industrial field at which developers, engineers, manufacturers, etc. should orient themselves.

But when the state-of-the-art is changing so rapidly, product maintenance becomes a pain in the regulated industry. Chasing day and night different websites, skimming through email alerts, RSS-feeds and social media messages make a workday exhausting and cumbersome.

.. and you never now whether you just missed that one very important alert!

Calm Down - we got it for you

Modern Regulatory Monitoring tools catch all these (and many more) sources for news and bring it into a digestible form.

This is where the Regulatory Monitoring Service of Avanti Europe comes into play. Selecting the Standards, Guidelines and Regulations of interest will automatically add the overarching committees and bodies authoring the relevant information. With this, it is assured that no newly developed Standard, Guidance or Regulation impacting the product, processes or project is missed.

how is it done?

At the core, a data mining is doing daily its work checking on changes and new documents. This daily routine assures that nothing is missed as you are immersed into your projects and processes.

regulatory monitoring by Avanti Europe explained

Changes or novel documents are automatically brought into context and disseminated to the person interested in this, as selected during on-boarding of the service. Only relevant changes and updates are shown in the contextual set of monitored documents.


The context analyzing engine then further looks into the Standard, Guideline or Regulation to understand the degree of update. In case it is only a minor change or not even a change at all, the update will indicated as a note without further bothering the subscriber. In other cases, the subscriber is alerted on the substantial change and has the chance to learn more about the changes or get immediate support from an Expert.

So is this just wishful thinking?

Not at all! Avanti Europe Experts have elaborated the process and have come up with a viable solution to tackle the flood of information.

Sign-up today and let us do the work. Regulatory Monitoring can become cumbersome if not done properly nor automated.