How to create a UDI explained

UDI-process implementation explained by Avanti Europe

The implementation and interpretation of the UDI system for medical devices and in-vitro devices gives rise to questions. Read here how the UDI is compiled and interpreted.

Simple Formula: UDI = DI + PI

The Unique Device Identification (UDI) system required by regulation MDR 2017/745 and MDR 2017/746, and is made of a device identification (DI) and the production identification (PI). The DI and the PI together form the complete UDI.

These two parts of the UDI are referred to as UDI-DI and UDI-PI to better understand they belong to the UDI system.

The requirements:

  • The UDI must be placed on each packaging layer of a medical device (and IVD), except the transport packaging.
  • Re-usable medical devices need to be directly marked with the UDI
  • The UDI needs to be machine- and human- readable

what is the UDI-DI?

The UDI-DI codes for the device ID, which is a unique number per product and manufacturer. The UDI-DI is, in the human readable form or interpretation started with (01) and followed by a 14-digit number.

For manufacturers, the UDI-DI is uniquely to be created per device. Even though the device belongs to a device family, each “size” of the device needs an unique number to easily distinguish between the different products in the device family.

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what is the UDI-PI

The UDI-PI codes for production-specific data, i.e. for the following parameters:

  • expiration date
  • lot number
  • serial number

The human readable code or interpretation for these parameters needs to start with:

  • (17), followed by 6-digit numeric code for expiration date in the format of dd/mm/yy
  • (10), followed by a 6-digit alphanumeric code for the lot/batch number
  • (21), followed by a 10-digital alphanumeric code for the serial number

The different forms of the UDI

The UDI must be compiled of a human-  and machine-readable part. This can be done in different forms, and some are shown here.

GS1 Barcode

UDI Barcode-type explained by Avanti Europe

2D Datamatrix code

UDI datamatrix explained by Avanti Europe

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