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Avanti Europe risk management consultant ISO 31000 ISO 14971, HAACP, ICH Q9

Risks are part of every business activity. For this reason, the Avanti Europe team uses their knowledge and experience in risk management to develop products and services with the utmost sustainable business success. The team successfully implemented and supported projects in ISO 14971, IEC 80001, ISO 31000, HACCP, and ICH Q9.

For the development of your utmost sustainable business success

Undoubtedly, risks are part of every successful entrepreneurial activity. Not infrequently, they have a lasting negative impact on the goals and objectives of corporate governance. Risks result from the uncertainty of future events. If they are not recognized and managed on time, risks often jeopardize the further development of a company. For this reason, we at Avanti Europe use our knowledge and experience in risk management to develop your utmost sustainable business success.

Handling risks in deviation from corporate goals

Risk management basically involves handling all risks arising from the management and execution processes in a company. It is not limited to the management of risks, but also prevents the deviation from corporate goals. The need for risk management arises from a number of legal requirements and standards, such as ISO 31000. These obligations include both the establishment and operation of risk management. Its process, which can be subdivided into four separate phases, is usually oriented towards the general management process.

Risk identification, risk assessment, risk management and risk control

  • Identification

  • Assessment

  • Management

  • Control

The process of risk management is divided into four separate phases: risk identification, risk assessment, risk management and risk control. These phases are accompanied by a risk policy and process monitoring. The starting point and framework of any risk management is the formulation of the corporate risk policy. This defines principles for handling risks at all levels of the company, such as the mitigation, the transfer or the acceptance of risks. The overall responsibility is imperative for the company management.

Assistance in decision making and generation of the product portfolio

Risk management, as we have already heard, is one of the most important tools for evaluating the safety of a product or service. The most comprehensive risk management process guarantees the definition of customer requirements, the optimization of the manufacturing process and the fulfillment of customer needs. It starts with the concept phase of the product or service. As a key activity in business processes and activities, risk management helps in decision-making and generating the product portfolio from a business risk point of view.

From innovation to market surveillance

The experts of Avanti Europe are navigating the regulations and requirements based on technical and international standards in the context of risk management. Based on many years of theoretical and practical experience in the moderation of risk management workshops, our Experts support you in the development of a tailor-made strategy. Avanti Europe’s expertise ranges from failure mode, hazard and fault tree analysis to the development and implementation of risk management processes and strategies. As a global consulting firm in the field of LifeScience, Avanti Europe is your competent and reliable partner for questions and projects on innovation, training, quality management, product development, human factor engineering, design control, supply chain and market surveillance. Our experts support you day after day with flexible, bespoke resource solutions. For your utmost sustainable and risk-based business success contact the Avanti Europe team today!